Amazon Is Now The 3rd Biggest Music Subscription Service

Based on conversations with rights holders and other industry executives we can confirm that Amazon is now the 3rd largest subscription service. Amazon has around 16 million music subscribers (ie users of Amazon Prime Music and also Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers). This puts it significantly ahead of 4th and 5th placed players QQ Music and Deezer and gives it a global market share of 12%.


Music industry welcomes EU committee votes on safe harbour reform 

More safe harbours? Yes, more safe harbours! What of it? Two committees in the European Parliament yesterday voted on their respective responses to the draft European Copyright Directive, including the article dealing with safe harbour and the value gap. And the music industry has generally welcomed those responses.

Wanna recap? OK, recap in one sentence: Music industry says YouTube exploits loophole in copyright law enabled by ‘safe harbour’ to pay lower royalties to rights owners creating a ‘value gap’; wants law rewritten so YouTube is no longer covered by safe harbour. Totally didn’t cheat with the semi-colon.