This April 2017 issue of the International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR) features one theoretical and two empirical papers on different aspects of music business research.

In the first article “A methodology for cultural music business research”, Lorenz Grünewald-Schukalla of the University of Applied Sciences of Media, Communication and Management Berlin proposes a promising methodology for cultural music business research. In the second article – “The impact of digitalisation on the recorded music consumption. An Estonian case study” – Juko-Mart Kõlar of the Estonian Business School in Tallinn analyses disparities in recorded music consumption among different age and gender groups in Estonia. The third article by Arilova A. Randrianasolo of the Boler School of Business at the John Carroll University in Ohio and Jeremiah Sala of the University of Missouri in Saint Louis link musicological analyses with econometrics. In “Song product characteristics and music commercial performance”, they investigate how tempo, song key and genre influence a song’s commercial performance. The book review by Daniel Nordgård of “The New Music Industries: Disruption and Discovery” by Diane Hughes, Guy Morrow, Sarah Keith and Mark L. Evans of Macquarie University Sydney rounds up the IJMBR’s April 2017 issue.