Universal Music UK has signaled its intentions to move compilations into the streaming age with the launch of an all-new brand: Universal Music On Demand.

Streaming poses a unique problem for compilations companies: if 100m+ consumers are permitted to create playlists on the likes of Spotify for free, is there any way to return value from such services to those experts whose job it is to select, mix and order tracks?

Also, what’s to stop streaming platform users from simply copying such expertly-chosen collections of tracks… and never needing to buy a compilation album to enjoy the privilege?

These are the posers Universal Music On Demand (UMOD) will have to tackle… having killed off and replaced the UMTV brand at the major label’s UK HQ.

UMOD will co-ordinate Universal Music’s playlist strategy across the UK company, working with all of the group’s labels and building on its existing suite of playlist brands including 100 Percent, THIS IS, Radio Active and HITS.

Source: www.musicbusinessworldwide.com